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VGA Driver Files

  • VGA Video Tutorial (Must be logged in to you Umaine account to view) : Video Tutorial
    • There is a mistake in the video when instantiating the make box module, it should be make_box make_first_player_paddle( and not module make_first_player make_box(
  • Example simple top level : VGA_top.v
  • DE0 VGA Driver Module : DE0_VGA.v
  • PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Verilog File : PLL_PIXEL_CLK.v
  • QSF File : VGA_top.qsf


  • Tutorial video on testbenches (Must be logged in to you Umaine account to view) : Testbenches Tutorial

How to display text on VGA

wire [11:0]  text_message_pixel_color;
wire [0:8*7-1] msg_7char = "RUNNING"; // only supports all casp
display_message #(
                     .MSG_LENGTH(7), // length of message
                     .char_width(32), // char width in pixels
                     .char_height(32), // char height in pixels
                     .INIT_F("font_unscii_8x8_latin_uc.mem") // font file
                     ) disp_msg
     (.X_pix(X_pix), // current X_pix being drawn
      .Y_pix(Y_pix), // current Y_pix being drawn
      .MSG(msg_7char), // Message as 8-bit ascii value
      .msg_x(RESX / 2 - 4*3*BALLWIDTH), // X pos of left top corner of msg
      .msg_y(RESY / 2 - 2*BALLWIDTH), // Y pos of left top corner of msg
      .char_color(12'b1100_0000_0000), // text color
      .text_bg_color(12'b1111_1111_1111), // text background color
      .prev_layer_color(BGCOLOR), // color from previous layers 
      .pixel_color(text_message_pixel_color)); // output wire for pixel color

always @(posedge pixel_clk)
      if (ballpixel)
        pixel_color <= BALLCOLOR;
      else if (paddlepixel)
        pixel_color <= PADDLECOLOR;
        pixel_color <= text_message_pixel_color;