Boolean algebra, Flip-flops, K-Maps, Verilog


Date D Lecture topic Reading Homework Labs
08/29 M Syllabus. Analog vs Discrete. Slides     Quartus setup
08/31 W Place-value number system      
09/02 F Signed numbers, Vid      
09/05 M No class Labor Day      
09/07 W Logic Gates      
09/09 F Network representations Video   HW 1 due  
09/12 M K-maps     Verilog basics
09/14 W K-maps, Video      
09/16 F Boolean algebra theorems      
09/19 M Bool alg. contd., Logic minimization     Verilog Modules
09/21 W K-maps cont, A few more boolean probs, Vid      
09/23 F K-maps cont, Vid   Homework 2 due  
09/26 M Dont cares, 5-var K-maps, Truth tab for Prob 3      
09/28 W NAND and NOR design, Quine-McCluskey, Petricks Steven Nowick Handout, Chapter 6, Roth’s book    
09/30 F Sample exam   Homework 3 due  
10/03 M Nand gates, bubble pushing, X,Z output levels      
10/05 W Adders      
10/07 F Mid term exam 1   Mid term exam  
10/10 M Fall break      
10/12 W Multiplexers/Decoders/Buffers      
10/14 F Propagation and contamination delay   Homework 5 due  
10/17 M Sequential circuits begin     Ripple adder
10/19 W S-R Latch, D-Latch      
10/21 F D-Latch   Homework 6 due  
10/24 M Registers     Procedural VLG
10/26 W Sequential synchronous circuits      
10/28 F Sequential circuits cont.   Homework 7 due  
10/31 M Synchronous sequential circuits: parity checker     Code quality
11/02 W State reduction      
11/04 F State assignment   Homework 8 due  
11/07 M State assignment      
11/09 W Midterm review, sample exam      
11/11 F No class Veterans Day   Homework 9 due  
11/14 M How to read syntax IEEE Verilog specification   HDL simulation
11/16 W Project scope / Midterm review      
11/18 F Mid term exam   Mid term due  
11/21 M Verilog examples      
11/23 W Thanksgiving break      
11/25 F Thanksgiving break      
11/28 M Verilog project examples   Project design doc due  
11/30 W Verilog project examples      
12/02 F Verilog project examples   Project progress report 1  
12/05 M Final project help      
12/07 W Final project help      
12/09 F Final project help   Final project report/demo due  
12/12 M Final exam week      
12/14 W Final exam week      
12/16 F Final exam week      
12/23 F Final grades due