ECE 417/598: Intro to (Mobile) Robotics

Vikas Dhiman
Barrows Hall Rm 105, [email protected]
TA: Sarah Meyer-Waldo
TBD, [email protected]


Course website:


What is Robotics?

Boston Dynamics

What is Robotics?

iRobot Roomba

What is Robotics?

Tesla FSD

What is Robotics?

What is Robotics?




  • What is the effect of my innovation/product on society and others?
  • Who wins and who loses?
  • Should we make robots?
    • Effect on jobs?
    • Robots for military?
  • When we make them how should we test them?

Goals of the course

  • Cover a wide range of basic algorithms.
  • Enable you to program robots.
  • Enable you to get an internship or job at a "robotics" company.

Teaching philosophy

  • More questions, please.
  • Maybe inverted classroom?